WAM 465.000.2.32 TIR Cover (32mm)

TIR Cover 10 stud, pcd 335mm, 32mm Aluminium Wheels


This is a TIR Cover, for designed for use on 10 stud, 335mm, 22.5″ steel wheels.

We have specifically designed them with a double bracket, which fixes on the wheel with 4 wheel nuts. This helps the TIR Cover run true and reduces vibration.

The double bracket also makes it possible to use pneumatic tools to fit and remove the TIR Cover.
(Many single bracket TIR Covers on the market will twist and break with the use of the pneumatic power tools!)

The double bracket ensures the TIR cover runs true, this reduces vibration.

We can supply this for either 32mm Aluminium wheels or 23 mm Steel wheels (For 23m Steel wheels see part number WAM 405.000.2 )

Our TIR Covers work perfectly with our stainless steel push-fit nut cap WAM LNCU 32/33 Multi-fit (But they work equally well on there own)

Each part has been designed to fit on specific wheels, this is to ensure that they have the best fitting.

We are knowledgeable in our products and each wheel application, so if you need any help in which set or even spare part you need, please email or call us – We are here to help.

Whats Included
1 x WAM 465.000.2.32 TIR Cover for Steel wheels 32mm

Fitment: Fits underneath 4 wheel nuts
Material: Stainless Steel
Wheel Nut Size: 32mm (Steel Wheels)

For Steel wheels see item WAM 465.000.2 = Wheel Nut Size: 23mm (Aluminium Wheels)

Additional information

Wheel Size


Wheel Studs / Nuts


Wheel Type

Aluminium wheels

PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)


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