WAM 404.870.B Plastic Multi-Fit Nut Cap (Black)

Plastic multi-fit nut cap – Colour Black

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This Black plastic nut cap has been specifically designed to fit both steel (23mm) and aluminium wheels (32mm).

This is a ABS Plastic Multi-fit Black Nut Cap, with a slightly domed top.

We have extensive knowledge built over many years in the industry enable us to provide great knowledge, that set the standard for precise fitment to OEM wheel specifications, thereby ensuring the long-term, trouble-free performance of our product.Each part has been designed to fit on specific wheels, this is to ensure that they have the best fitting.

We are knowledgeable in our products and each wheel application, so if you need any help in which set or even spare part you need, please email or call us – We are here to help.

Whats Included
1 x WAM 404.884.0 – Chromed Plastic Multi-fit Nut Cap (Flat Top)

Wheel Nut Sizes: 23mm
Wheel Nut Sizes: 32mm