Rubber Blocks (for 17.5, 22.5)

Plastic Block (with rubber insert)


This plastic block is used on the rentention ring on our Scandinavian Design 17.5″ + 22.5″ and Deluxe Ring fit 17.5″ + 22.5″ wheel covers.

They fix into the retention ring system, and the wheel cover screws on to the plastic blocks.

They have ring retention system, which tightens the ring in to the lip of the wheel.

Specification (Used with)
Scandinavian Design 17.5″

Scandinavian Design 22.5″

Deluxe Ring fit 17.5″
Deluxe Ring fit 22.5″

Whats Included
1 x WAM 907.002.0 (including rubber insert)

The rentention rings, mounting blocks and screws are available individually for spares or repair see the links below

WAM 907.002.0 (Fitting Block)               WAM 907.001.0 (Fitting Screw)              

Ring Complete 17.5″               WAM Ring Only 17.5″              

Ring Complete 22.5″               WAM Ring Only 22.5″

We are knowledgeable in our products and each wheel application, so if you need any help in which set or even spare part you need, please email or call us – We are here to help.

Additional information

Wheel Size

17.5" and 22.5"


Plastic Block, with rubber insert