WAM405.290.2 Vinci II Rear 19.5″

Vinci II 19.5″ Rear

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WAM405.290.2 Vinci II Rear 19.5″

The Vinci Style of wheel covers have been a long standing front-runner for 19.5″ vehicles.

The Vinci has more “slot” shapped holes and has a black plastic center.

They have Vinci fixing clips, which are tightened on to the lip of the wheel with an allen key.

They are made from Stainless Steel and has a matt finish and is suitable for most 19.5″ twin rear wheeled vehicles.

The Vinci is TUV approved

  • 19.5″ Rear wheel
  • Easy to fit
  • Stainless Steel
  • Supplied with Vinci fixing clips (4 clips)

Vehicle Specification
Wheel Size: 19.5″ Rear Steel Wheels Only

Whats Included
The set includes: 1 x WAM 405.290.2 Vinci II Rear 19.5″