Euroliners® 300 16″ Set

Iveco ( 5.9 – 7.2 tonnes)

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Our Euroliners are manufactured from the high-quality, bright polished stainless steel grade 304L. Each set or individual cover we offer includes our trademark high-quality logo, which gives you assurance you have purchased Genuine Euroliners, WAM Wheeliners covers.

Our Euroliners have been engineered over the past thirty years to the specifications of actual wheels from each make, model and year of vehicle.

We have extensive knowledge built over many years in the industry enable us to provide a complete line of Euroliners, that set the standard for precise fitment to OEM wheel specifications, thereby ensuring the long-term, trouble-free performance of our product.

Each set has been designed to fit on specific wheels, this is to ensure that they have the best fitting.

This is for a complete set of WAM 300 16″ WAM Euroliners ®.

It is important to check your vehicle details as each of our sets have been engineered to fit on specific vehicles with twin rear wheels.

We are knowledgeable in our products and each wheel application, so if you need any help in which set or even spare part you need, please email or call us – We are here to help.

Vehicle Specification
Wheel Size: 16″
Wheel Studs: 6
Wheel Type: Twin rear wheels
Wheel PCD*: 205mm
Wheel Holes: 12 small round holes

*(PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter – see how to measure this in our help section)
The distance between 2 opposite wheel nuts (so like a clock face 12 to 6)

Whats Included
The set includes: 2 x Euroliners front liners, 2 Euroliners rear liners and fittings ( a complete set for 1 vehicle )

Will fit the following vehicles
Iveco 59-12
Iveco 60C-15
Iveco 60C-17
Iveco 60C-18
Iveco 65C+
Iveco 65C-15
Iveco 65C-16
Iveco 70C-12
Iveco 70C-14
Iveco 70C-17
Iveco 70C-21
Iveco 72-170
Iveco 75-14
Iveco 75E

If you dont see your vehicle listed, please contact us and we can help you with the right Euroliners set

We do stock some of the parts individually if you need spare parts, which will work perfectly with both of our brands Euroliners ® and WAM Wheeliners ®